Warning Signs You May Need to Remove a Tree from Your Yard

Trees are simply wonderful. They provide protection from the shade, Long island privacy trees add dimension to a landscape and they can be a natural playground (climbing, swinging, picnicking;) but, no matter how majestic they are, trees can also be dangerous.

An unhealthy tree can cause extensive damage if it falls, harming your home, your car, or even a person. As much as you may not want to part with it, it’s far better to remove an unhealthy tree than to risk the potential consequences that may occur if it falls.


How can you tell if you need to have a tree removed? Here are some warning signs that indicate it’s time to call a suffolk county tree removal company.

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves are natural, but not when it’s the spring or the height of summer. Leaves falling at the wrong time of the year are a good indication of an unhealthy tree. It’s a sign that there aren’t enough nutrients being carried throughout the tree. If the leaves are falling off, it’s only a matter of time before branches start to fall, too; and eventually, the entre tree could fall.

Peeling Bark

Some trees naturally peel their bark; however, if you have a tree that this has never happened to before, and you notice that the bark is starting to peel back, it’s time to call an arborist Just like falling leaves, peeling bark is a sign of an unhealthy tree.

Fungus Growth

If you see fungus or mushrooms growing on the trunk or branches, you should consider having the tree removed. Fungus growth often occurs when a tree has become diseased, and it speeds up its deterioration. Enzymes produced by the fungus can rapidly decay wood, significantly reducing the strength of the wood’s fibers. Believe it or not, your long island landscape design company can take a look at the fungus for you and make a recommendation on either removing it or escalating the issue to a tree company.



If you notice deep cracks in the trunk or the branches, you should consider having the tree removed. Cracks are a sign of disease. Should the disease progress, the tree could become a serious danger to your house and anything else that surrounds it.

The Location

A tree doesn’t have to be unhealthy to cause a potential problem. Sometimes, the location of the tree can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than disease. Consult a port jefferson tree removal service if you have concerns about a tree on your property.

If the tree is situated close enough to your home that the branches are touching the roof or siding, you may want to consider having it removed. Should the tree fall, it could do extensive damage to your house. Not only that, but it could cause mold growth on the outside of your home, which is a health hazard and expensive to remediate. If the branches are growing into power lines or if the root system is approaching a septic tank, the tree is a huge hazard that could cause devastation.

It isn’t always easy to part with a tree, but in certain situations, it is far better to have the tree removed than to face the consequences of the dangers it could cause.